Name Mohamed Saied Tewfeek Ali
Nationality Egyptian
Gender Male
Place of Birth Egypt
Date of Birth 28/3/1955
Social status Married
College College of Medicine Najran university
Department: Physiology
Position: Professor
Date of Latest degree: 30/4/2000
Address Work: Physiology Department, College of Medicine, Najran University.
Residence: Egypt, Zagazig, Elqumaia Tolba Eoeda street. In Saudi Arabia: Najran
Telephone: in Egypt 002/0552343578, 0020552306851 In Saudi Arabia: 0553328417
Degrees and Qualifications: 1-M.B,B.S 1980
2-M.S.C in physiology 1985.
3-M.D, Ph.D in physiology 1988.
History of academic and employment career: 1-physican in Zagazig university hospitals 1981-1982.
2-Demonstrator in physiology department 1983-1985.
3-Assistant lecturer in physiology department 1985-1988.
4-Lecturer in physiology department 1988-1992.
5-Assistant professor in physiology department 1993-2000.
6-Professor of physiology since 2000
7-Lecturer in Sanna university 1989-1992.
8-Professor In 7th October university in Libia.
9-Examinar and visitor professor In Libia .
Grants, and Prizes  
Committees 1-Editorial secretary and treasurer for Zagazig journal of medical physiology.
2-A member of lab. And environmental committees.
3-Amember of course specification committee in the department.
Conferences and symposia 1-A member of organizing committees of annual conferences on applied medical physiology.
2-A treasure for annual conference of faculty of medicine in zagazig university.
3-Evaluator for papers for promotion and publishing.
Courses A-For under-graduate students :
1-Physiology courses for first and second year medical students in Egypt, Yemen and Libia.
2-Physiology courses for pharmacy, dentistary, nursing and sports in English and in Arabic language.
B-For post-graduate students:
In Egypt, Yemen, Libia, Egyptians academic military students to get their master and M.D degrees.
Publication and Research of Interest  
Include the following topics: 1-Comparative study on the effect of sucralfate and cimetdine on gastric ulceration induced by acetylsalicylic acid and phenylbutazone.
2-Effect of pregnancy on uterine Adrenergic receptors responsiveness.
3-Gender difference in Guinea Pig gall bladder contractile response to cholinergic, Adrenergic, and Histaminergic stimulants in vitro.
4-Effect of verapamil hydrochloride on the on the contractile response of urinary bladder strips to muscarinic receptors stimulation and on whole bladder capacity.
5-Effect of PG inhibitors on the contractility of urinary bladder.
6-Modulation of the cardiac responsiveness by experimental diabetes.
7-Effect of smoking on fibrinolytic system.
8-Menopausal effect on lipid profile.
9-Modulation of skeletal muscle twitch and neuromuscular blocking activity of magnesium sulphate by verapamil.
10-Effect of A.N.Ps on spontaneous contractility of isolated myometrial strips from pregnant rat uterus.
11-Effect of estrogen and testosterone on the contractile responses of isolated aortic strips to adrenaline.
12- Modulation of cardiac responsiveness and the vasomotor action of catecholamines by a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent(ketoprofin) on aortic strips and isolated rabbit hearts.
13-Age related changes in the reactivity of rabbit aortic strips to adrenaline.
14- Role of L-arginine-nitric oxide (NO) pathway in the regulation of gall bladder motility.
15- Capability of acute overdistension to modulate cholinergic, adrenergic, serotonergic and histaminergic urinary bladder responses.
16- Role of H+/K+ ATPase " Proton Pump" system on renal tubular transport and renal hemodynamics.
17- Functional activity and morphological remodeling of isolated cold stored thoracic aorta in Kreb' solution.
18- QT-interval dispersion changes in patients with exercise induced myocardial ischemia.
19- The protective effect of some antioxidants against experimentally-induced gastric ulcer in rats.
20- Response of normal and atherosclerotic aortic strips to polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs) products from normal and cholesterol-fed rabbits.
21- Effect of aging on pituitary testicular axis and semen quality.
22--A study on the cardiovascular histaminergic receptors reactivity in experimental diabetes.
23-effect of insulin on the vascular reactivity in experimental animals.
24-Cardiovascular loading and unloading of bed-side maneuvers:Quantitative Doppler-echocardiographic comparison andreview.
25-Exercise adrenergic response in diabetic rats in absence and in the presence of verapamil or diltizem.
26-Glucose uptake in exercise diabetic rats: Effect of verapamil, diltiazem, caffine, insulin and adrenaline.
27-Evaluation of hypotensive effect of the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, Quinapril: An experimental study on the central and peripheral action.
28-Modulation of glucose uptake and plasma insulin level by angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor in normal and diabetic rats.
29-Metallothionin provides neuronal protection against induced epilepsy.
30-Changes In vascular reactivity to catecholamine in experimentally induced obstructive jaundice.
31-Effect of some antioxidents on platelet function in experimentally induced diabetes in rats.
32-Effect of melatonin on vascular reactivity.
33-Effects of melatonin on cardiac performance.