The anatomy department is one of basic medical science departments in the college of medicine.
Anatomy as a subject comprises four major parts, namely Gross Anatomy, Histology, embryology and Neuroanatoy.
The department was initially located in the community College building, but moved to its new location 1430, awaiting its permanent premises in the university campus.
The new site is composed of dissection room, histology practical laboratory, museum and a multipurpose lab for plastination , stereomicroscopy and histology.
The subject is taught by specialized professional teachers using state-of-the art computer software audiovisuals. The museum contains plastic and plastinated models in addition to histology slides and educational softwares.

Goals and Objectives

To give the students a strong solid base in anatomy that was enable their learning and understanding of the other scince.
Top develop and augment the students’ presentations and communication skills through interactive tutorials and seminars.
To develop and improve the students’ learning skills and abilities to obtain information from different resources.