Internal Medicine

About Internal Medicine

University Teaching: The department teaches internal medicine and its branches to students of  the Faculty of Medicine at Najran University, where it offers two different levels of internal medicine, which are taught in two different phases of the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in the College. As well as teaching pre-clinical medicine.

Clinical Service

The department participates in providing health services to patients in the university hospital.


Members of the department are currently conducting a number of researches. The research focused on studying the problems of Najran Health Region in terms of statistics and detail, with a focus on developing solutions and suggestions to raise the level of health in the society, region and country.

 Health Education

The members of the department give educational lectures within the cultural activities organized by government departments and by the university, and these lectures have had a great impact and were met with appreciation and requested more.

 Postgraduate studies

The department will supervise postgraduate studies in internal medicine at the university hospital in the near future, God willin.

Organizational structure of the Department of Internal Medicine






Dr. Hamad bin Ayed al-Fahad

Assistant Professor

Head of Department


Dr. Walid Jafar Babeker

Assistant Professor

Department Coordinator


Dr. Osama Osman Badawi

Assistant Professor