About Us

      The Department of Pathology is one of the important Departments in the Faculty of Medicine at Najran University. The department is home to multiple educational programs and it includes a group of professors of pathology and lecturers of Histotechnology, who are committed for teaching theoretical and practical lectures in Medicine - Pharmacy - Medical laboratories – physiotherapy. The work of the Department is organized into five Divisions: General pathology, Systemic Pathology, Histopathology & Histotechnology, in addition to the Cytopathology.

The department consists of two laboratories, each of the laboratories supported with advanced technology and modern devices like Frozen section, BenchMarck Ventana Immunostaining machine, automated Microtome, Cytospin centrifuge … etc. all these devices and machines are used in the training of students and researches, which qualifies the student to receive the highest techniques in the field of diagnosis of cancers, particularly in the area of immunohistochemistry and tumor marker. .
Department projects:
1st: Establishment of lectures and seminars to educate the community in the following:
1-      Breast self examination.
2-      Breast cancer screening.
3-      Cervical cancer screening
4-      Risk of smoking, Tomak and Gad
2nd   : Research that serve the community in the most prevalent diseases in Najran region.